Nathaniel Fränk

Nathaniel is the founder and owner of MToxins Venom Laboratory and an expert in venomous snake handling and venom extraction. His work through MToxins has directly contributed to the production of life-saving antivenoms as well as, some of the largest venom research studies of the past decade.

He has also spent the last several years training undergraduate students at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point,  to help develop the next generation of herpetologists. Nathaniel is dedicated to helping toxinologists create the highest quality antivenoms to save lives throughout Africa, as well as providing training to safely handle these animals in the field.

Keeping reptiles since the age of 6, he began with turtles, tortoises and native reptiles and amphibians. "A cousin bought 3 imported ball pythons in 1988/1989 and I was hooked. I went to the library and got every issue of The Vivarium I could to learn as much as possible" says Fränk. The obsession grew from there. 

In the early 2010's Nathaniel decided it was time to work with coral snakes as a professional project. That led him to the door of Mr. Jack Facente, a 40+ year veteran in venom extraction and keeping, being a long time protege to Mr. Bill Haast. Mr. Facente helped guide Nathaniel with sage advice as he opened and grew MToxins Venom Lab. The serpentarium bears his name. 

Megan Villand

Megan Villand, MToxins Director of Operations, is a senior at the University of Wisconsin, Steven's Point, with a majour in Biology and minors in Captive Wildlife Management, and Environmental Ethics. 

She began her career working with venomous snakes through The Rattlesnake Conservancy, where she received training in; safe handling, captive husbandry, and treatment of envenomation. 

Megan serves as the Husbandry Manager of the UW-Stevens Point Ichthyology and Aquarium Science society, managing fish and aquatic inverts for research and education. 

In her role at MToxins, Megan oversees all aspects of lab protocol. From filing our (investigative new drug) paperwork with the FDA, to managing all record keeping. She also handles venom processing with Nathaniel as well as performs all fecal smears etc, to ensure top health to our animals. 

Outside of MToxins she also; tutors biology, works at a local nature centre, and volunteers environmental service and education as a Wisconsin Master Naturalist.