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Frequently Asked Questions:​​​

1) Do you sell snakes?

    Short answer, no, we do not. Occasionally, we will work with an animal supplier to treat an         animal which may be released when our work is completed, but these are not MToxins owned           animals.

2) Are you hiring?

    No, I am not hiring. Unlike what you may have heard on venom hunters on Discovery, this is a       difficult and expensive business, with little fiscal reward.

3) Are you open to the public?

    No, we are however, available to give lectures and live venomous handling shows/training if     needed. For details simply use the contact tab.

​4) Can I sell you venom?

    We will not, and have not, bought any venoms from outside sources which are not                             contractually associated with MToxins. So no thank you. 

5) Will you import the animals I have?

    MToxins does not import it's own animals. We have no interest in stepping on the toes of our         suppliers who work internationally to bring in specimens for our inventory.

​6) Will you sell venoms internationally?

    Yes, we have the ability to obtain all permits required for exportation.

7) Will you help me open a venom lab?

    No, no, no, no. There are too many of us already who risk everything to make nothing. When           people ask me this, I recommend they go into another avenue besides venom extraction.