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MToxins staff believes strongly in conservation of all types of reptiles and amphibians but we have been extremely fascinated with the wonderful work of the Orianne Society.


MToxins staff believes strongly in educating the public on the importance of both reptiles but conservation in general.

We highly recommend the Facebook page "All About Snakes" for wonderful daily information, photographs and humour.

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Coral snake specific Antivenin has become a topic with increased interest.

Click on the following image for research and information on current projects happening at the Viper Institute led by Dr. Leslie Boyer.


MToxins staff believes strongly in safety in any interaction with any venomous reptile and we use exclusively handling products from Midwest Tongs.

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MToxins is a proud supporter and customer of the Florida snakebite institute.

A must for any venomous keeper, these protocols are extremely important in any keepers safety plan.

Contact Joe Pitmann via the FSI Facebook page for info and pricing. Just click the photo!